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Frequently asked questions

Why Foster?

We at Hannas Haven place our dogs in loving foster homes until an adoptive home can be found. You will find it a rewarding experience to watch your foster blossom and become the dog they were always meant to be. 
Every dog has their own personality. Living with a family can bring out the best in them and the knowledge you have about your foster is very important to their successful adoption.

How long will I foster for?

It varies with each dog. It may be a few weeks or months depending on the animal. Providing us with regular pictures and updates on your foster ensures that we can keep our website and social media profiles up to date and is essential in finding their forever home as quickly as possible.

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Special needs fosters

Some of our dogs have special needs. We provide specific supplies and support as each situation requires. 
- Dogs may have injuries or medical needs that require treatment, rehabilitation, or recovery care.
- Dogs may be older and require a special home for the remainder of their life.
- There may be a mom and puppies that will stay with you until the puppies are at least 8 weeks old. Once the puppies are weaned they can be placed with other fosters as needed. The mom will be spayed and adoptable.

What do fosters do?

- Provide a safe, loving home for the rescued animal(s)

- Teach basic obedience, handle potty, and kennel training

- We provide you with a kennel or pen for your foster. We ask that you please use it in your home when the dog is not supervised because they will be under stress, especially after the first week of foster. Many of them will have initial trust issues and anxiety and may have separation anxiety.

- Socialize your foster with other animals and people

- Monitor the health of your foster and let one of our coordinators know if any issues arise.

- Report behavioral issues immediately.

- Keep us updated on the progress of the animal in your care

- Ensure your foster gets to any medical appointments booked for them. We can arrange a volunteer to take your foster to and from if needed

- Meet with prospective adopters, we value your input and want whats best

- Bring your foster to adoption events and provide info to prospective adopters who attend

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What are the requirements?

- Able to provide a safe, loving environment for the animal to thrive
- A phone interview
- A completed application including photos and videos of your home and yard
- A completed waiver form
- Ensure your yard is safe and secure, a fence is not mandatory.
- Pet-proof your home. Puppies can be trouble and like to chew!

What we provide

We provide you with
- a kennel or pen, bedding, bowls, food, toys, leash and collar, and puppy pads if needed
- training or puppy classes if necessary
- medical needs for the animal. We do the parvo shots and deworming.
- numbers of our coordinators and vets
** We do not cover emergency vet bills if you do not let one of our coordinators know that you need to take your foster to the vet for emergency treatment. If you are unable to reach us, then we will cover the bill as long as there was an attempt.

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